9.1.14 Labor Day

9.1.14 Labor Day

The summer’s been full of unexpected changes, with the garden remaining the one constant, providing comfort and moments of joy. Thank-you to all who’ve asked about our absence — as we sort things out, we’ll be posting when we are able. Though we cannot foretell the future, the long week-end spent canning and stocking the pantry became an act of faith in whatever may come. “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ― Alan Wilson Watts

Harvesting: Fun jen, kale, chard, summer squash, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, radishes, favas, filet beans, shishito peppers, fairy tale eggplant, salad greens, arugula.

Preserving: Canning tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, dilly beans, dill pickles; freezing roasted cherry tomatoes.

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13 Responses to 9.1.14 Labor Day

  1. paula says:

    so happy to see you back!

  2. I have missed your blog. I hope all is well with you, but I fear from your absence that it is not. I don’t know what words of comfort would be appropriate, so I am sending good thoughts your way.

  3. msophelia says:

    so glad to see a post! was just thinking about you (and your garden) the other day. love your description of putting up as ‘an act of faith’ – so true.

  4. Anne says:

    Happy to see you are back. Hope you are thriving like your garden. Change is opportunity or so they say….

  5. maesprose says:

    Welcome back and I loved the quote. Keep canning and preserving the result of these warm summer days. You’ve been missed!

  6. Michelle says:

    It’s great to have you back. Sending good thoughts your way, I hope that the challenges and changes you’ve been experiencing resolve in positive ways.

  7. I have missed your posts and send positive thoughts your way. Life is definitely a journey with lots of twists and turns. Your readers will happily support you as you choose direction. :-)

  8. dvelten says:

    Nice to see you back, you’ve been missed. Hope things resolve and get better for you.

  9. Norma Chang says:

    I too am happy to see you back. Love the Alan Wilson Watts quote, so true, sending positive thoughts your way.

  10. Eileen says:

    I too was thrilled to see your post. May your preserves preserve you.

  11. Simona says:

    The beautiful bounty of a beloved garden :)

  12. Christina says:

    I have missed you,too! I hope everything is well.

  13. Jan says:

    I smiled when I saw your post. Your sharing makes me think of the full circle of life; which allows me to send good energy and light your way.

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