Green Almonds + Sour Plums

Green Almonds + Sour Plums

“Another, even more important day for you will be… when Mercury will connect to benefit Jupiter in a very friendly way. This is a day a friend may go out of his or her way for you.” — Horoscope for Gemini

I’ve been reading about something called the happiness set point. It’s thought to be partly encoded in our genes — if something good happens, your sense of happiness rises; if something bad happens, it falls.

Green Almonds + Sour Plums

These are just temporary fluctuations, though, and through “hedonic adaption,” the idea that we get accustomed to things, we reset back to our own usual set point. 

Green Almonds + Sour Plums

Unexpectedly, this particular day was to swing our set points in both directions. We’d attended the funeral of a relative who, judging by those who were close to him, led a full and satisfying life. We were saddened by his passing and, afterwards, couldn’t help but think about the arc of our own lives, far from finished. 

Green Almonds + Sour Plums

On the drive home, we’d stopped at the end of our road and found a small package tucked into our mail box. A glance at the return address and I knew it contained something special.

Green Almonds + Sour Plums

 Packed with care, this delightful gift of green almonds and sour plums had arrived a day early, and at what turned out to be the best possible time. We opened it immediately, and felt joy in receiving another’s thoughtful gesture.

Green Almonds + Sour Plums

Biting into one of the almonds, we were filled with a kind of borrowed sense memory, the taste of spring and someone else’s childhood. Thank-you, Azita, you gladden our hearts and helped set right the day.

To find out more about these ephemeral spring-time treats, visit Fig & Quince, where the ever-ebullient Azita spins her tales of modern Persian cookery with infectious glee.

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11 Responses to Green Almonds + Sour Plums

  1. katrina says:

    Oh my word – what a treat! One of the reasons I love cooking and food is there’s always something I’ve never known about, or tasted. This picture of green almonds makes me so curious – what do they taste like?

  2. Your most beautiful post ever, I think! Thank you!

  3. azita says:

    Oh wow! It really was a pleasure to share this with you and I’m kind of speechless now. Your photographs are just stunning and the sentiment equally so. My sense of happiness definitely rose by this beautiful post. Soared even. Thank you!

  4. Eileen says:

    Love it!

  5. maesprose says:

    I love this gift. It all looks amazing!

  6. Simona says:

    Both the packaging and the content look wonderful. I have never tasted green almonds, so you got me curious.

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