3.13.13 Tulip Magnolia + 5 links

3.13.13 Tulip magnolias

• Anticipating Spring with Fig & Quince’s Sabzeh
• Finding Found, via The Improvised Life
• Waiting for Michael Pollan’s new book, while reading Taste, Memory
• Heading off to learn to bake like this
• And, looking forward to Winter Greens Field Day

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6 Responses to 3.13.13 Tulip Magnolia + 5 links

  1. azita says:

    What an inviting post (and I’m not saying that just because you linked to the sabzeh which by the way: squee!) — everything about it invites reveling in the simple pleasures of our senses.

    • leduesorelle says:

      You’ve had such a joyful series of posts this month, it would be impossible not to include at least one of them here!

  2. katrina says:

    Oh, my goodness! Be still my heart fluttering, so lovely to see a magnolia blossom! 2+ feet of concrete-hard snow, and now snowing again. #waitingforspring

  3. Blayne Matty says:

    I was at the Brunswick ME winter market last weekend and bought bread from Zu bakery. Have you ever tried it? Pretty amazing! Organic, Maine-grown whole wheat. And delicious. Unfortunately, not really realistic to drive up there to get it!

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