1.14.13 January thaw

1.14.13 January thaw

The sight of new growth is something we usually greet with delight. But, what are we to make of chives sprouting up in January? It’s impossible to hibernate when it’s a balmy 64°F out, that’s what.

1.14.13 January thaw

The protective snow cover was washed away by rain showers, and is now completely gone. It’s almost shocking to find the chives, along with the more tender cutting celery (above) and parsley, not only alive but putting out fresh shoots. 

1.14.13 January thaw

Of the woodier herbs, like lavender, thyme (above) and sage, only the rosemary has succumbed. For the moment at least, we’ve thrown open all of the windows to welcome the outside in. Snowfall and much colder temperatures are expected by mid-week.

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6 Responses to 1.14.13 January thaw

  1. katrina says:

    Well, this should be interesting once real Spring comes! Crossing fingers you won’t lose any…

  2. Patsy says:

    Your cutting celery looks amazing for January! I too found things growing today that I wouldn’t have expected after multiple freezes and snow cover. Too bad the cold is coming back!

  3. Michelle says:

    Hmm, it sounds like my typical weather is vacationing in your neck of the woods!

  4. Norma Chang says:

    That is a beautiful thyme, what variety is it?

  5. kitsapfg says:

    Those surprise mild days followed by another regular freeze cycle can be so hard on plants. We finally just went into some cold and I hope it either stays here until done, or get’s done and stays done!

  6. Simona says:

    And in the meantime, we have frost problems in California. The one curious thing in my garden is that a number of snowdrops bloomed last month. In terms of rain and temperature, we are having a normal winter so far.

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