Thanksgiving interlude


Though we still can’t agree on how many years it’s been, we once again joined friends and extended family to celebrate our favorite of holidays, Thanksgiving. We continue to be grateful to Carolyn and Vincent for gathering us together these many wonderful, laughter-filled years.


Special thanks to Carolyn for presenting us with such a gorgeous feast, to Vincent for the animation and Normandy interludes, to Leslie and Paula for showing us your latest paintings, to Paul for giving us Art Thoughtz on the sublime, to Chris for explaining how to flood-proof a house and the intricacies of the Danish Parliament, to Justin for letting us practice our Italian with him, to Sonia for her thoughts on becoming a pensioner, warmest congratulations to Vivian and Darren, we missed you Virginia, and kisses to the youngest Justin for just being there and putting up with us all. We’re still not sure why the turkey had three legs. — xxoo

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1 Response to Thanksgiving interlude

  1. Carolyn Stenerson says:

    This is SO lovely. Thank you for all the thank yous! May the force be with us all. xo Cee

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