10.15.12 Triple fennel

As the garden goes to seed, the fall garden has a kind of lushness of its own. We’d let half the fennel go, taking its time as it made the way from bulb to flower, and on to seed.

In the meantime, we discovered there’s a point when the seeds are still green that they taste exactly like Good & Plenty candy.

While down below, the roots left in the ground from the first time around have generously resprouted to allow us a another harvest.

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7 Responses to 10.15.12 Triple fennel

  1. Louise says:

    Beautiful fennel and fennel flowers. Not everyone loves fennel, but my patch wouldn’t be without it.

  2. Judy says:

    Lovely photos. Good and Plenty – I would have had no idea but sure sounds goods.

  3. kathall says:

    How amazing! (and I love good&plenty) – Now you’ve got me interested in growing this next year – many thanks!

  4. Michelle says:

    I love green fennel seeds, that’s when I harvest them to dry, then the goodness continues to give! What’s not to like about fennel, even if you don’t like the flavor the flowers are beautiful and always attractive to good bugs.

  5. Norma Chang says:

    Beautiful photos. What is good and plenty candy?

  6. kitsapfg says:

    Those are so pretty! Now I want to grow some fennel (even though I hate the taste of licorice!).

  7. Lrong says:

    Very pretty shots of the fennel…

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