Pasta by Hand: A Lesson in Slow Food

If you’re in the area, I’ll be teaching a pasta-making class for Slow Food Seacoast on Sunday, June 3rd, at Strawbery Banke Museum’s Stoodley Tavern in Portsmouth, NH. To join us for this hands-on workshop, Pasta by Hand: A Lesson in Slow Food, visit for more details and registration. If you can’t make it to the workshop, come for the Sunday Potluck Dinner following the workshop!

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4 Responses to Pasta by Hand: A Lesson in Slow Food

  1. This looks like the makings of a very fun evening!

  2. Nourishing Words says:

    I’ve been hoping to make it over to a Slow Food meeting/potluck for at least two years now and never seem to make it out the door on Sunday night. I hope you have a fun class!

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