3.20.12 Spring Equinox

The weather in Maine is well known for its capriciousness and changeability, but things seem to have taken a turn for the extreme lately. The events of the past ten days include snow, a microburst, an electrical storm, and record-breaking high temperatures in the 70’s. With 80 degrees in this week’s forecast, it’s difficult to resist the urge to dismantle the row covers.

The overwintered kales and chard are thriving, and help satisfy our cravings for vitamin green.

The Music and German Extra Hardy garlic have pushed up through the leaf mulch, with the Philips lagging behind as usual. It remains to be seen if this is an advantageous adaption or not.

A tender perennial, this is the first time the cutting celery has survived the winter and come back. This one is an Asian cultivar known as Kin Tsai.

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6 Responses to 3.20.12 Spring Equinox

  1. I had never heard of a ‘microburst’ so thanks for the information-now hope I don’t experience one first hand…Mind you I’ve never visited Maine…Yet!

    The nearest I’ve got to is Pennsylvania and New York state…one day I might make it!!

  2. GrafixMuse says:

    Your greens look fabulous! Crazy weather we are having here in Maine. I was going to start hardening off some of my spring transplants this week, but it is too hot! I’ll have to wait until next week when it cools down a little.

  3. Liz says:

    I too wasn’t aware of microbursts so thanks for the link – doesn’t sound like too much fun. Garlic looks great, I’ll be planting mine soon – I do enjoy watching it grow.

    • leduesorelle says:

      Microbursts come sudden, are unpredictable and quite dangerous. Not as terrible as a hurricane, but can leave a lot of damage in a very focused place. Wise to avoid whenever possible…

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