A favorite way of preserving garden vegetables is to freeze it in a ready-to-eat form, and when we have an abundance of cooking greens, I like to make Erbazzone. Freezing cooking greens may be quicker but, once it’s baked, this Italian savory tart seems to preserve the flavor of the greens even more. We reheat thin wedges of it to go with soup, as a light meal in itself, or as an impromptu snack or appetizer. It’s also great for picnics and potlucks — the inclusion of pancetta, garlic and parmesan results in a burst of umami flavors, insuring you’ll be leaving the party with an empty plate. If this recipe from “Molto Italiano” by Mario Batali seems daunting, many of the steps can be broken down and done ahead of time. It calls for 2½ pounds of spinach, chard or beet greens; here I’ve used a blend of chard and beet greens.

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  1. katrina hall says:

    Oh, this looks fantastic! I can’t wait to give this a try – thanks!

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