9.16.11 Hanging pomodorini

After harvesting the pomodorini, keeping them in large clusters, we studied the video and began to assemble our own piennoli. Synthetic twine was slippery, and using cotton gave the vines something to grip to. Here we’ve started hanging some Aprile.

We clipped apart the larger clusters, and worked with pieces holding 1 to 3 pomodorini. Once assembled, the piennoli were surprisingly heavy. We decided to make them smaller in order to lessen the stress on the tomatoes. This is another bunch of Aprile.

We set up a hanging area in our basement near a window for air circulation, and ended up with 8 piennoli (from left to right): 2 Principe Borghese, 3 Ponderosa, and 3 Aprile in varying stages of ripeness.

Close-up of the Ponderosa and the Aprile.

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