Grappoli d’Inverno

More information about the Grappoli d’Inverno tomatoes, from Poky Heirlooms:

Italian variety used for hanging during winter. This is the variety that allows you to be eating “fresh” tomatoes at Christmas. Right before the first frost, pull the plant from the ground roots and all. Shake off any excess dirt and take inside and hang in cool dark place (a basement works well). Since this is a rather compact plant, it will not take up much space. The tomatoes will slowly ripen and it is not unheard of to be eating tomatoes from this plant at Christmas if conditions are favorable. Can be eaten fresh too. Keeps for a long time. Compact plants.

Maturity:  75  Days
Growth Habit:  Compact Indeterminate  /4 Feet
Leaf Type: Regular
Fruit Color:  Red
Fruit Shape:  Plum
Fruit Size: Cherry
Usage:  Fresh eating, salad, drying, cooking, sauces, long keeper
Origin: Italy

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